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Since 1968, Demas Group has been a benchmark for the Italian Veterinary market.


Thanks to the extremely innovative market strategies adopted, the experience and specialist expertise consolidated over the years and the cutting-edge vision that are the hallmarks of the Group, Demas today operates in all the segments of the reference market, and is able to meet all kinds of needs, guaranteeing customers maximum quality and a professional approach.

A love for what we do, enthusiasm and highly specialised skills have always been the driving forces of the Group and its results.

The Group sells the finest products for animals on the market: from food to medicines, as well as veterinary products and equipment. It is a leading distributor with Demas S.r.l., an unrivalled partner for Vets for equipment and instruments with Foschi brand, and a benchmark for the retail market with Giulius brand.


A strategic partner for Vets, for quality development

Liaising between the most important international technological firms and vets, Foschi is renowned for its ability to provide a skilled, specialised response to the needs of customers.

Each day, the firm works alongside Vets, offering a huge assortment of equipment of outstanding quality, selected thanks to the constant investments in research and development, considered essential to respond effectively to all kinds of specific requests and to guarantee solutions able to interpret and stay a step ahead of customers’ needs, supplying electro-medical, diagnostic imaging and orthopaedic devices, as well as consumables, pharmaceuticals and pet food, for a total of 20.000 products.

Today more than ever before, Foschi is synonymous with an innovative, hands-on approach, thanks to the construction of the new ARIA platform for diagnostic imaging, featuring cutting-edge software developed in partnership with x-ray specialists.

On-going training is what is required to keep pace with the future, together with an ability to listen to specific requests, consider needs and personalised solutions and provide pre and post-sales and specialist services: it is these hallmark qualities that make Foschi a fundamental partner for Vets.

A benchmark for customers and the veterinary sector

The market leader in the Veterinary products sector, Demas is a solid, versatile, dynamic company, able to provide an effective, specific response to the increasingly complex demands of a constantly evolving market.

For over 40 years, the company has invested a great deal of skills and an undisputedly professional approach in combining tradition with innovation, and research and development with passion and specialist expertise to offer a superb-quality service and innovative solutions.

Our broad experience and profound knowledge of the sales channel, together with our innate propensity towards customer satisfaction have always allowed us to adopt the most innovative market strategies and to invest constantly in research and analysis, thus offering our customers an exceptionally wide choice, as well as impressive quality and service. Every day, our advanced logistics service responds to the specific requests of vets, breeders, wholesalers, pharmacists, stables and retailers, who know they can trust Demas to provide quality products and services and an exhaustive response tailored to their needs.


Creating successful, replicable formats with high added value: pet products and OTC veterinary products for the retail market

Giulius is a benchmark for private customers and a leading-edge example of retail sales. A huge choice of products recommended by vets and breeders, a sophisticated range of pet accessories and OTC veterinary products, with a corner dedicated to personal care, able to complete a reliable, specialised, fully comprehensive quality service. Pet food, non-food products, accessories, medicines and OTC veterinary products and specialized equipment.

An exceptional location with painstaking attention to detail, aimed at the increasingly demanding customer. The exquisite service is designed to guarantee purchase support and a supremely professional service.

Giulius puts the customer first!

Growth continues

In 2020 the Demas Group has grown even further through a strategic acquisition of a majority stake by Gioconda, the Italian branch of LBO France, through the private fund Small Caps Opportunities. Together with the new shareholders, with renewed enthusiasm and passion, we are dedicated to advancing the world of veterinary practice and empowering veterinary healthcare supplies and services. This is why our commitment is to offer solutions to help you run your business so you can focus on caring for your patients and clients.